Friday, June 3, 2016

Yet another Soldier

This time, it's different.

Bit of a story. At one point, I was planning a semi-Post Apocalyptic setting, where a section of Europe had fighting going, but no one could stop the battles, and life went on as normal most anywhere else on the planet. Eventually, I moved on, but not until I had purchased Contractors and US Marines from Eureka.

So, to differentiate between the Airborne Infantry and Regular Joes, er, Ahmeds, the plan was to use Empress US Army for the Airborne, and Empress Marines for the Regular guys. Fast forward to yesterday, I was searching my basement for the remainder of the my Empress US Army models, to finish before ordering Marines from them. Lo and behold, I find the treasure trove that had laid, forgotten, on a workbench in the basement. So, yesterday I got cracking. I can confidently say that I feel this guy is finished.

I down, 7 to go.

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